UYM: Workshop YOP crafting at Petten | Wed 12 Dec at 16:00

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UYM: Workshop YOP crafting at Petten

Just to check: do you experience a bit of stress during the yearly evaluation with you manager? Do you already know what will be in your targets for next year? And are you so busy right now, that thinking about it is postponed to next year? If one of the answers is yes or maybe, please check out one of the three workshops the UYM committee is organizing.

This workshop is given 4 December in The Hague, but for the people in Petten, the same workshop will be given 12 December (in english!). It is focussed on YOP crafting: shaping your day-to-day work, so it matches your wishes, dreams and ambitions. The workshop will lead to practical steps you can take the day after and will be the first step in setting inspiring targets for next year.

When? 12 December 16:00-20:00

What? Workshop (dinner is included!)

Where? Petten - Forum, Grote Lunchkamer

Cost? €0,- , but €10,- no show fee!

Note: the workshop will be given in ENGLISH.

 Wed 12 Dec
 Wed 12 Dec 13:47