Ice Skating - Delft | Mon 17 Dec at 18:00

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Ice Skating - Delft

Do you like ice skating? Or have you never done it before but always wanted to know how it is? Now is your chance! In Delft a temporary ice skating ring has been opened at X (previously known as Sports and Culture). With Jong TNO we will go there on Monday 17. December. We will go for a quick bite before at the sport centre café and then strap on the ice skates for about two hours of ice skating fun. Afterwards you can of course stay to enjoy the traditional hot chocolate.

When? 17 December 18:00-21:00
What? Ice skating
Included: Dinner and entrance skating ring
Not included: Rental of ice skates (€5-, available at the location)
Where? Delft - TU campus sports centre
Cost? €0,- , but €5,- no show fee!
Please Note: Gloves are mandatory and long ice skates (Noren) are not allowed, you can only enter the ice with hockey skates and dance skates!

 Mon 17 Dec
 Mon 17 Dec 15:13

 Delft - TU campus

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