UYM: Yoga Workshop | Thu 07 Mar at 17:00

Participants ? / 20

UYM: Yoga Workshop

Do you sometimes experience tension in your body when there are many tasks ahead of you? If you would like to know how breathing and movement can help you to relax your body and mind to stay more focussed and calm, join this workshop.

Unwind Your Mind organizes this workshop together with the YogaFabriek who are specialized in teaching yoga to companies (bedrijfsyoga) so this workshop will be tailored towards learning techniques that can be useful during work.

When? 7 March 17:00-18:00
What? Workshop 
Where? The Hague – New Babylon
Cost? €5,-
Note: there will be yoga mats available, please be advised to wear comfortable clothes. There are dressing rooms at the 10th floor.

Maximum 20 people

 Thu 07 Mar
 Fri 01 Mar 18:44

 The Hague, New Babylon