A weekend of Skutsje sailing in Friesland - 26-28 July | Fri 26 Jul at 15:42

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A weekend of Skutsje sailing in Friesland - 26-28 July

Dear all,

We would like to open an interest list for a weekend of sailing with a real, motorless traditional Dutch 'flat-bottom' boat on the Friesian lakes.
This interest list will close the 16th of February.


A long time ago, jongTNO organised more 'weekends away' in which members could go away together, do some hiking, play board games ...or go sailing. We would like to pick up this 'tradition' and see if enough people are interested to do a first sailing weekend.

The idea:

The idea is to arrive Friday after work (>9 pm) in Akkrum, Friesland, were we will stay on the boat 'De Gudsekop'.

On Saturday and Sunday we will sail the Friesian lakes (depending on the weather, we will make a larger or shorter tour). Sunday afternoon we will be back at Akkrum. During the trip the Schipper en Maat will show us the ropes of sailing.
We will stay on the boat the whole weekend and you should know: it will be back to basic! So expect a weekend sleeping on a mat, eating simple but good food, being outside a lot, no electricity, a lot of silence since there is no motor, and having a loooong hot shower when you are home ;).

Considering transport to Akkrum: we are still working out if we could do this collectively (hiring a car/carpooling or just going by train).

How much:

The weekend will cost ~70 euros including food, stay and boat trip. We will have to think about collective transport (see above).

How many?

There is only room for 9 people on the boat, so the first 9 interested people can go. However, if more people are interested, there is a posibility of organising a second weekend in August.

More info?

If you would like to read more about the boat (which is called 'De Gudsekop'), this is their website: https://www.gudsekop.nl/ 



 Fri 26 Jul
 Fri 05 Apr 15:43

 Akkrum, Friesland