Dinner + Airsoft The Hague | Thu 28 Feb at 18:00

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Dinner + Airsoft The Hague

Are you in to play a fun game of airsoft with your fellow jongTNO-colleagues?

Then join on Thursday 28 February in the Uithof in the Hague and try to evade the airsoft pellets your opponents aims at you.

Airsoft is intended for fun, but it includes firing plastic pellets which might hit you as well and can cause slight red marks on exposed skin. All gear, including protective gear is included, but just be warned that getting hit might still hurt a little. 

Please note we the Uithof has to register your name at the Airsoft assocation, therefore please register at last on Friday 22 February.

 Thu 28 Feb
 Fri 22 Feb 16:00

 The Hague, Uithof

 30.00 (non-member)