Jong TNO Beachparty! | Fri 19 Jul at 18:00

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Jong TNO Beachparty!


More information will follow about our yearly, infamous, awesome Beach Party :)
It will definitely include:
- Dinner
- Drinks
- Music
- Sand
- A surprise activity
(...what incredible value-for-money!)

On +1's: these are non-Jong TNO members or externals.
So, if you are a TNO'er, but you are not a Jong TNO member, you can of course become one (via a HR Services request: please contact if you have any problems) or pay the non-member fee.
And you can add +1's if you want to bring your Significant Other, friend, favourite flamingo, roommate, ex-colleague, or other General Cool Person.

Please keep in mind that if your +1 cannot come, you have to let us know before July 16th, or you will be billed by our lovely treasurer. No remorse.

 Fri 19 Jul
 Tue 16 Jul 17:00

 Boonoonoonoos, Scheveningen

 35.00 (non-member)