Interest list: OlympICA | Sat 03 Aug at 12:00

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Interest list: OlympICA

Update: We are still looking for some more players, especially for the hockey team!

This is an interest list for OlympICA, the yearly sports event organized by ICA on Saturday August 3.

Join OlympICA 2019 if you’re into sports, networking and fun! The ICA Young Professionals will compete to become the sportiest company of the Netherlands. OlympICA is a full day of fun, food and sports.

Through this list, we would like to get an idea on subscribing either a team participating in the soccer tournament or in the field hockey tournament or both.

When: Saturday 3rd of August
Where: Kampong, Laan van Maarschalkerweerd 14, 3585 LJ Utrecht
Costs: € 10-20 (tbd, members only)

For more info about the event, see:

 Sat 03 Aug
 Mon 22 Jul 23:59

 Kampong, Laan van Maarschalkerweerd 14, 3585 LJ Utrecht