UYM: Autopilot Awareness Workshop | Thu 04 Jul at 17:00

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UYM: Autopilot Awareness Workshop

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of tasks coming your way? Have you ever experienced facing an extremely busy period and afterwards considering: how did I managed? 
It was probably your autopilot who helped you through this hectic period but what shapes your autopilot and how can you take over the wheel again?  

Unwind Your Mind organizes this workshop together with CiEP who are specialized in training and coaching for effective and stress-free working and collaborating. Take this opportunity to discover how you can control your autopilot and make your tasks more enjoyable. 

As the trainer Marnix Ruijs told me: “Time is not manageable, but you can manage yourself within time”.

Hopefully this workshop will contribute to using your time mindful and enjoying what you do in less time!

**Including drinks, a healthy dinner, and time to discuss during the break**

 Thu 04 Jul
 Tue 02 Jul 22:00

 06.008, Den Haag, New Babylon

 25.00 (non-member)