Bocktober at brewery De Leckere | Thu 03 Oct at 18:00

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Bocktober at brewery De Leckere

Watch out! This event is not organised by Jong TNO but by ICA: the Inter Company Association of which Jong TNO is a member. Please subscribe at their website:
On their website you can see which other Jong TNO'ers have subscribed.

At brewery De Leckere, they enjoy life. From 1997 the make very distinctive beers in the most sustainable way possible. This is why the  beers of De Leckere are 100% organic. On its new location, De Leckere is also the first brewery that brews without using fossile fuels.

As an ICA-member, you have the possibility to discover how the brewing process works and ofcourse we also going to look extensively at the end product! This event will have a special focus on the Bock beers, because Oktober is the start of the Bock beer season.

More information about the brewery (Dutch only), please visit the website.

We will meet up at Werkspoorcafé. At the location there are enough parking spots available. If you are considering to drink a few beers, we as ICA strongly advice you to take public transportation. From the trainstation "Utrecht Zuilen", it is just a 10 minute walk. 

The event will be fully given in English. Take in note that there is no meal included, but you can have diner at the assembly point on your own cost.

18u30-18u45: Walk-in (diner not included)
18u45-20u00: Tour at brewery De Leckere
20u00-22u00: Drinks (specialty beers) with cheese and bitterballen

We are looking forward to the event and we hope that we will see you there!

 Thu 03 Oct
 Sun 29 Sep 21:00

 De Leckere, Utrecht