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Interest list ICA Young Professional of the Year

Update: the deadline for subsciption of teams is extended to Nov 15. So you have the opportunity to register now!

This is an interest list for the ICA Young Professional of the Year award!

Please subscribe on this list if you are interested to join this exciting competition! We can sign up with 2 teams of 4-6 persons.




More details:

In cooperation with Boertien Vergouwen Overduin we set up the plan to let teams compete to get the honorable Young Professionals of the Year title. So, what do we have in stock?
The idea is to let teams work on a corporate sustainability case. A real-life case, that has happened in the past, currently being worked on or will happen in the future. A case that will not end up on a shelf, but one that will or has been executed. This will challenge the teams to work hard and come up with concrete plans, finding all the means and possibilities to get it realized and then… seeing how everything is being put into action!
We will start by organizing teams. Each member company can sign up with 2 teams of 4-6 persons. Exclusively for this edition, participation is free of charge.

All the plans will be gathered and anonymously sent back to the ambassadors. Then a voting will take place, with 1 vote per team. Voting will be for cases of other companies, not the own case. This results in 5 cases that will go on for the kick-off event. During the kick-off event a case owner will compete with the other cases during a knock-out session. The case owner will be someone who will represent the company. In each phase the audience will ask questions that need to be answered by the case owners and after voting one of them will be eliminated. The finalists will have a closing pitch, after the last vote the winning case will be announced.
At the second meeting we will have a general update on how the teams are progressing. We will also include a knowledge session, for which we will invite an inspiring speaker whom will provide some fresh thoughts that might challenge the teams to think differently, whilst being halfway the progress.
The third meeting will be the one where all the teams come together and present their cases to the audience, but more important, the case owner. A last voting round will follow and then we know who can call themselves the Young Professionals of the Year, edition 2019-20. Which, of course, will be celebrated. The prize will be kept as a secret for now, so we won’t spoil the fun.
To summarize the time path:
- End of September (now): opening sign-up process for teams and cases.
- Monday, October 28: Last day to hand in cases
- Thursday, October 31: Distribution of the anonymized cases and opening of voting round
- Friday, November 15: Closing voting. Communication to case owners.
- Thursday, December 4: Kick-off session at Achmea
- Thursday, February 6: Second session
- Thursday, April 2: Award session

 Mon 18 Nov
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