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ICA Young Professionals competition on CSR/Corporate Sustainability

Jong TNO is participating with a team in the ICA Young Professionals of the Year (YPY) competition. This years' theme will be sustainability. This competition is organised by the Inter Company Assocation (ICA), with 50 top employers of the Netherlands, see www.ica.nl for more information. Several organisations have subscribed a team and we will compete for the title of "Young Professionals of the Year". The competition is on a case basis, the team that has come up with the best solution/has shown most progress with implementing the case will win. More information on https://www.ica.nl/events/ica-ypy-kickoff.

The exact case is still to be decided on this kick-off event on the 4th of December. With our Jong TNO team we have provided one of the three selected cases, in which we challenge the teams to come up with mechanisms to promote sustainability/CSR topics with their organisation and challenge them to set up a pilot on this topic in cooperation with their organisation.

The relevant dates:

  • Wednesday, December 4: Kick-off session and voting for cases
  • Thursday, February 6: Networking, socializing and knowledge session
  • Thursday, April 2: Final presentations of results and award session

The Jong TNO team consists of people of the departments CAS, ETS, STL, CREF, Corporate Strategy and SBA. For more information, contact Bart Kaas.

 Wed 04 Dec
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