UYM Mind your Strenghts workshop | Tue 25 Feb at 17:00

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UYM Mind your Strenghts workshop

Make sure to hold your spot for this great event! 

IntuMotion coaching developed this revealing and motivating workshop specially for TNOers. 

During this workshop you will identify your individual strengths, recognizing their bright sides and their shadows. We will explore which role they play in stressful situations and how to recognize those specific moments when our strengths are starting to work against us. This gives you power to change the situation.
Then we will focus on core values and look how they changed through time, making young professionals more vulnerable towards stress than generations before. Making a list of your own personal values, we look if there are any hidden triggers causing overstress and how these can be neutralized. Exploring the hierarchy of your values, you will identify that single one that serves you as a beacon of light in the storm of stress.
Workshop is practical and interactive and you will get valuable tools that can be used in daily life.

Registration is free and dinner will be served during the workshop.

 Unwind your mind team

Beatrice Masini, Aris Meems, Tom Meurs

together with Carina Oliveira


 Tue 25 Feb
 Tue 25 Feb 17:00

 The Hague, New Babylon, 06.008