Ice Break Borrel | Wed 13 May at 17:15

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Ice Break Borrel

Do you want to get to know new people but are you too shy, lazy or socially awkward? Do you work at the department Networks or Networked department but secretly don’t know how to network? Then this is the event for you!
The idea of this event is getting to know each other in a casual way. To kickstart this you’ll give a 3-minute presentation about a topic of your choosing. For example, a hobby. Do you dress up like Batman every weekend and hide in a cave? Awesome! Do you have a philosophy on life the universe and everything? Enlighten us! Or are you an extreme-ironing athlete? This is your time to shine!

This session is especially suitable for people that lack social grace because it will be held online.  So, join the Ice Break borrel and expand your TNO network!

 Wed 13 May
 Tue 12 May 22:59