UYM Writing as creativity outlet workshop 11th June | Thu 11 Jun at 17:15

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UYM Writing as creativity outlet workshop 11th June

Staying long time indoors and with little social contact can make some people feel trapped and away from the reality outside. For others, well accustomed to the world within, this is the perfect timing to let imagination fly. This workshop reaches out to both and offers a simple but effective guide to help organize ideas and put them to paper in narrative form, no matter the skill level of the writer. The main goal is to take your mind through writing and imagination.

The course is divided into seven topics

1- Literature concept: developing a style;

2- Setting: the narrative scenario;

3- Characters: concept and creation;

4- Scene (or chapter): the characters interacting in the setting;

5- Description: objective and subjective;

6- Creating a story: beginning, middle and end;

7- Final touch: revising your text.

Every topic covers an aspect of creative writing. Also, after discussing each theme, there will be an exercise. The idea is that after the seven total exercises you will end up with a short story of your own

The workshop was created by Thiago Gonçalves, check out his short bio: 

My name is Thiago, I’m a 34-year-old teacher and translator, among other things. I have a Literature and Portuguese/English Languages degree. Writing has always been a dear activity to me, as a medium to express my thoughts and feelings. Naturally, it is also a theme explored in all my classes. I strongly believe every human being can learn a lot about the world and themselves through writing (and, of course, reading).

Join us in this relaxing and fun workshop!

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