UYM UYM Creativity and imagination drawing workshop 28th May | Thu 28 May at 17:15

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UYM UYM Creativity and imagination drawing workshop 28th May

Free your imagination!

Nowadays we are always focusing on results and on doing everything “right”. This course is exactly the opposite! We will learn how to enjoy the process, to improve from mistakes and to exercise our imagination with no boundaries.

This workshop was designed by Ana Clara Miranda, a designer and illustrator from Brazil, specially for Jong TNO. 

We will draw based on feelings, rhythms, shapes and colors, so there is no wrong way. The participants only need to arrange paper and pencil, but other materials can help to improve the process, such as colored pencils, inks (any), glue, magazines (to cut), scissors (if you want to cut anything) and anything else your imagination could use. Even dry plants and fabric. Bear in mind that the eraser is not an important item! Also, bring some of your favorite songs and pictures (it can be on your cellphone, just for reference).

The aim of this workshop is to motivate your creativity, have fun and, most important, relax.

If you want to know more about Ana Clara, check her short bio below and take a look at her work via: 

My name is Ana Clara and I’ve been working with graphic design since 2012. During this time, I’ve been able to participate in many different projects like book covers, illustrated patterns, surface design, social media content, illustration, etc. The connection between all these projects is to send a clear message and to please the target audience we want to talk to.

By doing that, we train our brains to figure ways to communicate and solve problems with the materials and limitations at hand. This is also applicable when we draw anything: we force our brains to see and find answers in the paper!


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