ICA Workshop - What do you really want? | Wed 08 Jul at 16:30

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ICA Workshop - What do you really want?

Jong TNO is invited to participate in the ICA Workshop: What do you really want?

Please register both via Jong TNO and on the ICA page. In this workshop we will together explore how to make the right choices at work and in life when you're in doubt.

If you have not received the instructions please contact francesco.cinquini@tno.nl


From  ICA website:

Is this what you really really want? - How to make the right choices at work and in life when you're in doubt

Climbing up the ladder with 80 hour work weeks or living your life out of a backpack with instant noodles? Or rather any of the 19.231.741 options in between? Life seemed so simple when your childhood dream was to become a doctor or the next Idols winner. Now you have your degree, with an inevitably huge study debt, the world is your oyster. But what if your job just didn't appear to be as meaningful and fulfilling as you imagined? Suck it up or quit? 

In a world of abundance and where everything is possible, choices for us millennials are not only limited to our daily Netflix intake. Besides IPA or coffee beer, bigger dilemmas such as settling down and having children have become a choice instead of a given. The continuous confrontation of others living the insta-perfect life gives us the illusion that utopia exists, while the fast paced invention of technology, products and experiences keeps feeding our fear of missing out.

Do you feel that you could use some help in making the right decisions in career and in life? Join this workshop of 3310 - School for Millennials to overcome your doubt and to find out what you really really want!

 Wed 08 Jul
 Mon 06 Jul 00:00