Overcome your barriers and create impact! | Thu 24 Sep at 16:00

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Overcome your barriers and create impact!

In this workshop Dana Wilderman and Nienke den Os from Authentic Leadership will guide the evening where you will work towards the answer on the question 'how will I become the best version of myself, during and after Corona?' Part of this evening is to think about which lessons and actions you will take from this period of being home and working alternatively.

The workshop consists of plenary sessions where you will learn the 7 layers of authentic leadership, and four breakout sessions about the impact of the Corona crisis, your general challenges, what is your power and purpose and lessons learned. The workshop will take 3 hours and will end at 19:00.
Costs for this workshop are €5. The no-show fee is €15 so please make sure you unregister in time if you are not able to come. 
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The link to the meeting will be shared a couple of days before via e-mail.
Dana and Nienke would like to learn more about the challenges you are facing and your way of working to get a better understanding about TNO. This information will be used to make the workshop more applicable to you. You'll receive an email with the link to the survey a.s.a.p.
Hope to see you all the 24th of September!

 Thu 24 Sep
 Wed 16 Sep 17:00

 Online via Teams