Reduce Stress with Meditation Monday - Gratitude Meditation | Mon 13 Jul at 17:05

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Reduce Stress with Meditation Monday - Gratitude Meditation

“We suffer more in imagination than in reality.” – Seneca  

Often, we let our thoughts dictate our day to day emotions. When you think positively this can be pleasant but all too often negative thinking, for example about missing deadlines or mistakes you might have made, result into negative emotions. 

Meditation learns you to gradually recognize your thoughts and enables you to become less identified with them over time. This way they’ll lose the power over you and return you to a calm state of being. 

For this reason, a group of departments (Data Science, Networks and Cybersecurity and Resilience) made meditation classes available for their employees. With the current situation these classes are streamed online and opened up to everybody within TNO!

The classes are an introduction into the different types of meditation and held every Monday at 17:15. The next classes will be: 

  • 29/06: Loving-kindness mediation (30 minutes). In this class you’ll learn to create positive emotions for yourself and others by using a mantra or a visualization technique. With practice this makes you more open and friendly towards others. 
  • 06/07: Yoga Nidra (80 minutes). Also called “Sleep Yoga. In this class you’ll learn to go into deep state of relaxation. Although it is a type of Yoga you don’t have to do a lot of postures. After some relaxation exercises, you’ll be guided though a meditation while laying on your back. 
  • 13/07: Gratitude meditation (30 minutes). In this class you learn to create positive emotions for what you have or been given. This is especially beneficial for people that are always focused on the next thing or goal and never relax and enjoy or appreciate the beauty of life. 

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 Mon 13 Jul
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