Indoor surfing - 2nd wave! | Wed 30 Sep at 18:30

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Indoor surfing - 2nd wave!

Dreaming about white beaches and waves in Hawaii, Barbados or the Maldives? 

We'll provide the indoor wave, you'll provide the surfskills (or at least try to counter gravity). 

Join us for a 2 hour session at Down Under in Utrecht. There will be instructors giving tips on how to rule the waves. After that we'll get joint practice time. 10 people can join. The session will start at 18:30. Please note that you have to be there 20 mins in advance in order to change (wetsuits will be provided).

Afterwards we can go for a drink / food on their large terrace. 

Hang loose! 

 Wed 30 Sep
 Sun 27 Sep 17:00

 Down Under, Utrecht