EU proposal writing - best practices and more (lunch lecture) | Mon 28 Sep at 12:00

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EU proposal writing - best practices and more (lunch lecture)

We are excited to invite you to a brief presentation on the Trainee Project TUTTI – Tno eU best PracTIces. This project aimed at  creating awareness around the benefits of EU projects, and collecting EU project best practices by interviewing among others EU managers, EU proposal reviewers, etc. We would like to share and discuss our findings with you in this session.

During this session we will discuss three of our main deliverables:

  • EU for You: a document that lists the benefits of an EU project beyond funding, and that provides tips to make EU projects more impactful.
  • Manual and Best Practice Repository: two tools that aim to help TNOers write EU proposals more easily and successfully.  

We will also have some time for questions and open discussion!


Are you interested in learning about the benefits of EU projects, and in how to make more impact through them? Are you interested to learn about our tools and to hear tips we gathered from experts? Or perhaps you just want to hear about a Trainee Project? Then join our meeting! 

If there are any specific questions you would like to ask during the session, please feel free to send them to Dide Reijmer or Elodie Jegu ahead of the meeting.



This event is the result of a Traineeproject: projects executed by the traineegroup which are strategic to TNO.
As Jong TNO we think that these projects create more impact if more (young!) employees know about them. Next to this, we think that the resutls are very interesting to Jong TNO members :).
Therefore this try-out: lunch lectures on the various trainee projects!

 Mon 28 Sep
 Sun 27 Sep 11:00