Summer's last beach day | Tue 15 Sep at 17:00

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Summer's last beach day

It's this summer's last day to go to the beach!

Join us!
Consider this as low-effort as it can be: we'll go after work, get some drinks on the way there, and chill out until a bed is a better idea than the sand.
Note: signing up is not required in any way, it's just easy for us so we know who to contact for our exact location.

We'll go to the easiest reachable spot: near tram stop Zwarte Pad, Scheveningen. This means it's only a 16 minute tram ride from Central and easy to find. We'll make sure everyone who's signed up will get the exact GPS coordinates of where we are.

Bring your own drinks, swim gear and anything else that will improve the mood! Or not: you could also just lie in the sun and read a book. Whatever floats your boat!

The sun will set at 19:56. With a bit of luck we'll have clear skies and can enjoy a perfect end of summer. 


See you there! Oh and don't forget to bring your image glasses 😎

 Tue 15 Sep
 Tue 15 Sep 16:45

 around Zwarte Pad, Scheveningen

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