UYM - Find your purpose with the workshop Impactful Work! | Thu 29 Oct at 17:00

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UYM - Find your purpose with the workshop Impactful Work!

Would you like to contribute to a more sustainable and social world at your work but are you unsure how you can achieve this? Then join the online workshop Impactful Work! 

In this workshop by Marieke Jacobs from BetekenisBaan you will learn about three essential steps you can take to create an impactful job. 

The first step is about finding your purpose and determining what you want to focus on. You will be supported with tools to write your own vision statement. By the end of the workshop it will be crystal clear how you can align your tasks at work with your plans for positive impact.

The workshop will be held Thursday the 29th of October from 17:00 until 19:00

Costs for this workshop are €5. Because there are limited spots availabe we have a no-show fee of €15. If you cannot attend, please make sure you unregister in time. If you are ill please contact Aschwin Brandt via email before the event.
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The link to the meeting will be shared a couple of days before via e-mail.

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