Thursday Island Drinks #4 | Thu 10 Dec at 17:30

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Thursday Island Drinks #4

It's time to start using the improved way of meeting friends and fellow Jong TNO'ers online, we are introducing We will try out the premium membership and see how you like it. If you do we can scale-up potentially. So looking forward to meet you online!

In you enter an island and you can move around, people further away sound more distant and as such you can have natural 1on1 conversations and subgroups. So come sit by the camp fire, join the poker table or just hang out in the yard and meet with Jong TNO'ers from accross the country as we are all at home any way.

Look around here: and demo video: Youtube

Ah and bring your own drinks and snacks ;)

 Thu 10 Dec
 Thu 10 Dec 17:00