Lustrum Disco Bingo | Fri 19 Mar at 20:30

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Lustrum Disco Bingo

It's like a disco, and also like bingo! The best of both worlds.

We'll play songs, you have a bingo card. If you recognize a song, cross it off.

If you have filled a row or column, you yell BINGO! We'll check your bingo, and if it's valid you win AMAZING PRIZES!

Since this is the LUSTRUM Disco Bingo, we'll play 90's songs. The era in which some of us (and JongTNO) were actually born.

Hosted by your favorite young TNO Quizmasters: Kirsten (from the 90's!) and Sander (not from the 90's....)!!!

BYOB (to your own couch/desk/kitchen table)


 Fri 19 Mar
 Fri 12 Mar 17:00