Lustrum Indian Cooking Masterclass - Curry Edition | Thu 15 Apr at 17:00

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Lustrum Indian Cooking Masterclass - Curry Edition

Join us for the second cooking workshop, this time we will focus on INDIAN cuisine!

Arun will teach us how to make a great curry in 5 simple steps :)

This dish can be prepared in 3 different variants: meat-based, veggie-based, tofu/paneer based and thus is suitable for everyone.
Here you will find the list of ingredients and tools.

Suggestion on where to buy everything in Den Haag or Delft:

  • India Gate, Hobbemaplein 50, 2526 JB Den Haag
  • Amazing Oriental Den Haag Spuimarkt, Grote Marktstraat 113, 2511 BJ Den Haag
  • Polat International Supermarket, Papsouwselaan 450-452, 2624 EP Delft
  • Bahar Foods, Papsouwselaan 208, 2624 EG Delft

NB. The first step, making your own Garam Masala, requires a spice grinder thus you can alternatively buy a pre-ground spice mix.

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 Thu 15 Apr
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