UYM - Finding your story workshop | Tue 18 May at 17:10

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UYM - Finding your story workshop

Writing Fiction: Finding your story.

Where do stories come from? Does inspiration originate in the mind or in the heart? Sometimes, a story comes to us in the form of a character; sometimes, in the form of a place; other times, in the form of a childhood memory, or a dream. Everything we experience, under the right light, can turn into a story.

It takes a creative mind and a keen eye to perceive these separate dots and link them together into a beautiful picture.

If that's not your case, don't worry; we will carry out exercises to assist you in finding your own story and pulling it from ideas down to paper (or a computer screen). If you have already found your story, excellent! Then I have great tips to maintain it, so it won't slip your fingers and return to being an idea.

To tell stories is part of human nature, from the paintings on a cave wall telling about a great hunt, to the modern fiction - we are story driven animals. So, where does YOUR story come from? This course will help you find out.

 Tue 18 May
 Tue 18 May 12:00

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