UYM - Vocal Expression | Thu 17 Jun at 17:10

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UYM - Vocal Expression

We use our voice every day. Many of us experience our voice mainly for communication, and some maybe for singing. We tend to forget that our voice is also a tool for healing and empowerment.

Since ancient times, people are singing to cope with crisis and wars, love and loss. It’s interesting to ask why. What does the voice contribute? Is it a gift to our self-esteem, to our dignity, to our completeness?

In this workshop we will, under the guidance of Marius Engelbrecht, explore our voices, not just as means of communication but as a tool. Explore your voice in its beauty, not only its power but also its shyness and honesty. We will do easy exercises to make your voice more fluent, more real and more aligned with who you are.

Join our voyage of discovery!

 Thu 17 Jun
 Thu 17 Jun 13:00