Bouldering - Delft | Wed 28 Jul at 17:00

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Bouldering - Delft

Hi there Sporty JongTNO'er, 

Join us for this fun activity of bouldering in Delft. Nothing is more freeing than climbing without a rope and reaching the top. Climbing the ladder never went this quickly! ;) 

For this event we will have an instructor for 1 hour (17:00-18:00) and have the freedom to do some bouldering of our own afterwards. It does not matter if you are a true bouldering hero or your experience is zero, everyone can join! 

So don't be scared for reaching the top and join us. Hope to see you there! 


p.s. ofcourse we can go for drinks and/or dinner afterwards! :)

 Wed 28 Jul
 Thu 22 Jul 17:00

 Revolt Bouldering Gym, Delft