[Lustrum] Improv. - A Yes-And Workshop - CANCELED | Tue 31 Aug at 17:00

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[Lustrum] Improv. - A Yes-And Workshop - CANCELED

Are you too much in your head? Do you want to have guaranteed fun? In this workshop you will have fun AND learn something valuable. The value of YES AND.. a basic technique used in improvisation to accept eachothers ideas.

No (theater) experience is needed, this workshop is suitable for everybody. And based on hundreds of workshops, we can guarantee FUN! 

This workshop was designed by Wouter Hollander, an improvisor from The Hague. Owner of Theatersport Den Haag, an improv school where you can learn how to improvise in both Dutch and English. In the workshop we do some exercises that we use in improv and we will get to know eachother in a different way. We slowly build up to some improv games, where you will learn a format, exercise it ánd (if you want) perform for the group! 

The aim of this workshop is to motivate your creativity, be informative and fun!

...we go for drinks at Mingle Mush, to talk about what you learned or if you're eager, apply those skills with the barkeep! JongTNO is buying drinks!

A short bio of Wouter

I am Wouter Hollander. Made in the Netherlands and internationally formed through studies and experience. Working for years in a regular job at PostNL, I was introduced to improvisation. Soon I was addicted and now already for a long time building my own improv company. The most powerful use of improvisation is in day to day life. It helped me to embrace a career change, and find and buy my house. Many of my students have given me feedback on how improv helped them in their daily life. It is a wonderful feeling to see so many people have fun with this great activity every week!

Practical info

- The workshop will end no later than 19:00.
- It is outside but ensure you follow the guidelines applicable at that time.
- The workshop may be canceled if it's no longer allowed to gather with a group this size.

 Tue 31 Aug
 Sun 29 Aug 23:55

 Outside near New Babylon

 7.50 (non-member)