UYM - Join the short lunchtime meditation sessions! | Wed 15 Sep at 12:00

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UYM - Join the short lunchtime meditation sessions!

Jong TNO Unwind Your Mind (UYM) and Fit For Your Future (FFYF) organise both extended meditations in the Meditation Monday classes and now also shorter meditations during lunch.

For a lot of people 20 minutes of meditation is optimal. It is long enough to allow the mind to unwind but not too long for it to doze off.

Meditation is meant to reconnect with your inner world (thoughts, feelings, sensations). Also, it is meant to become more aware of the fact that you are embedded in the life around you. It is about friendship and relation and therefore there are no levels of experience, so anyone can join.

How can I join?

Just click the link in the confirmation email you’ll receive after registering! The check-in is from 12:00 and the session starts at 12:05. It ends at 12:25. Please make sure you have a place where you are not disturbed and have a comfortable seat to sit on. This can either be a Yoga mat, pillows or just a chair where you can keep a straight spine. If possible for your body, please take your lunch after the meditation, as this helps your mind to stay clearer.

 Wed 15 Sep
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