Survival Run Utrecht | Sun 03 Oct at 10:00

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Survival Run Utrecht

On Sunday the 3rd of October, a survival run is organized near the Utrecht campus. The distance is 6 km and there are 31 obstacles. There is a possibility to run in teams of 5 or individually. For more information, see Utrecht Survival Run | U.S.S.V. Simius Hircus (

It has been confirmed that TNO sports budget is made available for this event. This means that participation costs are covered and a TNO shirt will also be provided.

Please include your preference to run in teams or individually.

NB, the event is open to all employees of TNO. If you know any colleagues who are not member of Jong TNO but wants to join, please send an e-mail to

 Sun 03 Oct
 Fri 24 Sep 12:00