Jong TNO & Eneco - Ask me Anything: One Planet Plan Eneco | Thu 07 Oct at 15:45

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Jong TNO & Eneco - Ask me Anything: One Planet Plan Eneco

One Planet at Eneco - Ask me Anything session with Young Eneco & Young TNO 

On Thursday October 7th Young Eneco and Young TNO are organizing an “Ask Me Anything” session regarding the One Planet Plan Eneco released in June 2021. The panel consists of :

  • Ron Wit (author of the One Planet Plan and Director Energy Transition at Eneco) 
  • Jan Keenan (one of the young professionals at Eneco involved in drafting the plan)
  • Sara Wieclawska (young professional at TNO) as moderator of the session

The plan contains a detailed roadmap with the objective of making the organization and all customers carbon neutral by 2035.


The discussion will focus on how the plan came to existence, what the role of young professionals at Eneco was within this process, and to what extent individual companies are responsible for the energy transition. After the “Ask me Anything” session we will split up into breakout rooms to continue discussions in smaller groups. The main focus of these breakout rooms will center around the following question: what can you do as young professional within your own company? Use the opportunity to exchange experiences and best practices in order to drive the change! At the end we will conclude the event with drinks.



Timeslot: 16:00 – 18:30 at Eneco World (Rotterdam Alexander), auditorium & Eneco Café - max 30 persons at location

  • 15:45 Welcome participants at Eneco
  • 16:00 Opening by Ron Wit, short introduction on the One Planet Plan
  • 16:15 Q&A starts with Ron Wit and Jan Keenan, moderated by Sara Wieclawska
  • 17:00 Introduction of breakout session
  • 17:10 Break-out in groups to define best practices & ‘how to’ topics
  • 17:40 Closure & networking drinks at Eneco cafe 


Discussion topics

  • How did the one planet plan come to realization?
  • What is the urgency of One Planet Plan?
  • What is the responsibility of young professionals regarding the activities of their companies?
  • What is the responsibility of companies regarding the environment? (decarbonization, biodiversity, circularity)
  • How can companies collaborate and help each other regarding their climate ambitions?


Break-out session

In the break-out sessions every group will focus upon the question what you can do yourself within your own organization? The groups will be presented with statements regarding their own actions:

  • What is your own responsibility for the actions of your company?
  • Who would you need to involve to change the policies of your company?
  • What are the main barriers for you to initiate this change / have impact?


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 Thu 07 Oct
 Wed 06 Oct 23:55

 Eneco World (Rotterdam Alexander), Marten Meesweg 5, 3068 AV Rotterdam