Rainbow TNO Borrel | Mon 11 Oct at 17:00

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Rainbow TNO Borrel

Rainbow TNO Community

We are very happy to announce that, after almost 90 years since TNO was founded, the Rainbow Community has been created. We are a TNO community that wants to raise awareness of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTQI+) community in the TNO workplace. We will facilitate trainings, awareness raising, and networking through several events at different TNO locations. And of course the community is also meant for meeting new colleagues and to have fun! For more info, find us on Yammer or send an email to rainbow@tno.nl.

Rainbow Borrel

Rainbow TNO is organising its first borrel on Monday 11th October at 17.00. This happens to be International Coming Out day. Join us for drinks!

  • Where? Café Leopold in the Hague (8 minutes walk from the Hague Central Station) - Don’t worry, we will spread our activities through the country in the future.
  • If you need to come from outside the Hague, we can reimburse your travel expenses. Contact Marie Beth van Egmond if you would like to make use of this.
  • First are drink(s) on us!


Note that this event is organised by the Rainbow TNO community, not Jong TNO, though Jong TNO wholeheartedly supports the initiative and community. This event is open to all TNOers.

 Mon 11 Oct
 Mon 11 Oct 16:59

 CafĂ© Leopold, the Hague

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