General members meeting | Fri 28 Jan at 18:00

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General members meeting

Would you like to get an insight into...

🌞 ... how Jong TNO did in 2021? 🍻

🎶 ... the plans for 2022? 🏂

💰 ... our finances, or vote on the changes in our by-laws? 📃

Our annual General Members Meeting (GMM) is both an important and fun event in which we look back and -more importantly- look ahead.

Usually we'd go for a nice dinner together. Similar to last year, we'll provide you with the online equivalent: you can order dinner and we'll reimburse you for an amount up to €20. Make sure to register, even if you're joining via the Teams connection of another member (if you're joining them physically). 

Meeting link Teams: Click here to join the meeting

Note that you have to be a member to be allowed to attend. Make sure you've submitted the HR service request at least before the 20th of January.


An email will follow with information about the agenda, the documents, instructions on how to vote and how to get your dinner reimbursed.

  Fri 28 Jan 18:00 - 21:00
  Fri 28 Jan 17:30