ICA - Visual Business Communication using Doodles | Online | Tue 21 Jun at 12:00

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ICA - Visual Business Communication using Doodles | Online

"What is ICA?"

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! This is an ICA event, sign up via the ICA website: ICA Young Professionals - Visual Business Communication using Doodles


You enter a meeting or presentation room and you see a power point presentation full of texts and the presenter is almost reading the slides. 

Let me guess your expression in these kind of presentations

Welcome to the world of visual thinking at work and to this unique VISUAL THINKING workshop. 

After this workshop, the way you present will change forever because you will learn to use simple and quick hand drawings on flip charts in your presentations. 

You will learn 

  • Drawing Icons (LIVE drawing) 
  • Drawing Business Metaphors (LIVE drawing) 
  • Introduction to Visual Thinking and Visual Drawing
  • Introduction to Visual Storytelling in Presentation. 

You will need to carry 

  • 5/6 white sheets
  • One black marker / Sketch pen

** No drawing experience needed. 

Workshop time - 75 minutes 

  Tue 21 Jun 12:00 - 13:15
  Tue 21 Jun 12:00