Pubquiz with the Ministries! (jong EZK & LNV) | The Hague | Thu 30 Jun at 16:00

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Pubquiz with the Ministries! (jong EZK & LNV) | The Hague

TNO does heaps and heaps of work for the Dutch Ministries. Especially, TNO and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate work together a lot in so many areas. Still, young TNOers are confused and have lots of questions, like …

  • Who are those (young) ministry people actually, and what do they do?🤵🏼
  • How much do they have to do with Climate 🌍, and how much with Economics? 💰
  • How much work do we do for them? 🏋🏽
  • And most importantly:
    Are they fun? 🦄
    And do they like beer as much as we do? 🍻

If you are curious about hanging out with young people from the two ministries EZK (Economic Affairs and Climate) and LNV (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality), or you just want some general gezelligheid and free beer, come join our FREE NETWORK PUBQUIZ and BORREL on 30th June 2022 in The Hague!🥳

Coming from outside The Hague? You can work at the New Babylon office for the day! We have tons of flex workstations.

Is there something about EZK or LNV you've always wanted to know, or you wanna come up with 1-2 pubquiz questions ❓
--> go ahead and mail Shari

  Thu 30 Jun 16:00 - 19:30
  Thu 30 Jun 15:45

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