Beach Party 2022 | Scheveningen | Fri 22 Jul at 18:00

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Beach Party 2022 | Scheveningen

Get ready for Jong TNO's biggest party of the year...

        The Beach Party!

This year we're going to Solbeach where we'll enjoy

   Beach Games


                     and a Bumpin DJ!


Of course, it'll be open bar and dinner is included.*

Coming from outside of The Hague? 
Try working at the 
New Babylon office for the day! We have tons of flex workspaces.

Check out the parties from last year and 2019!


*Note: All Jong TNO events are "Carnivore? Geef het door!" - aka Vegetarian by default. If you insist on eating meat, tick the box above your Registration. (We'll assume your +1's eat the same as you, unless you tell us otherwise.)

Missed the Registration deadline and already suffering FOMO? There's still hope! Shoot us an email and see if there's still space.

  Fri 22 Jul 18:00 - 23:55
  Fri 15 Jul 18:00

 Solbeach, Strandweg 20-22, 2586 ZZ Den Haag

 35.00 (non-member)