Storytelling Night at Mezrab - Toastmasters Special | Wed 27 Jul at 20:00

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Storytelling Night at Mezrab - Toastmasters Special


Toastmasters Special Event: 

(What is Toastmasters? We practise public speaking within TNO, check out this event for more info: ) 


For inspiration and fun, we will visit an open mic storytelling night at Mezrab. People who put their name in the hat at the beginning will be chosen randomly to come to the stage to tell a story to the crowd. It can be funny, sad, breathtaking, shoking.. let yourself be surprised and entertained! :) 

THIS is why we're practising public speaking! To be able to tell great stories to an audience.

  • You can use this opportunity to learn by watching - pay attention to these "pros" and see which tricks you want to steal from them, and which things.. well.. you wouldn't want to include in your next speech at Toastmasters.
  • Feeling brave? You can put your name in the hat as well, and who knows, maybe you can practise this time on a real stage!
  • Want to come just to relax and have fun? Totally fine as well of course ;) 

Have you heard about Mezrab? It's a super cool community bar with a stage, great beer, live performances, comfy spots and a really chill vibe and international audience. So worth to check out anyway!

Entrace is for FREE. First beer is on US

Getting there: From Amsterdam Central Station, you can:

  • walk 30 min
  • public transport 15 min
  • or get an (OV) bike, 10 min

Let's meet at Mezrab at 20.00. Be on time to be able to get some good spots. See you there! 

  Wed 27 Jul 20:00 - 23:00
  Wed 27 Jul 19:00

 Mezrab - Amsterdam, Veemkade 576

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