The Charisma Myth - Lunch Learners | The Hague | Wed 12 Oct at 12:00

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The Charisma Myth - Lunch Learners | The Hague

Want to learn something new? Lunch Learners tell you the main take-aways from famous books during a fun 1h presentation, so here's your chance! 

Come join us in the Hague to see the presentation live and to get free lunch, or join online from the comfort of your living room (the meeting will be hybrid). 


                               This time on the menu: The Charisma Myth 

A lot of people think charisma is a trait people are born with. You simply have it, or you don’t. But did you know that charisma, just like any other skill, can be taught? In the ‘Charisma Myth’ by Olivia Fox Cabane, charisma is completely dissected. We learn what charisma precisely is and what it consists of. Besides that, we learn about the factors that prevent us from being charismatic, and how we can optimize those factors within our environment and within ourselves. With the smallest points of attention and exercises stated in the book, we open up the possibility for you to immediately boost your charisma. Therefore, communicating, presenting and even bringing bad news will become a breeze. You will be given the tools to become more persuasive, more influential and more inspiring. ✨

  Wed 12 Oct 12:00 - 13:00
  Wed 12 Oct 12:00

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