ICA - Translating trend insights into action and innovation | Online | Thu 06 Oct at 12:30

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ICA - Translating trend insights into action and innovation | Online

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Translating trend insights into action and innovation 

The world is changing fast and continuously, from extreme digitisation of our daily lives to sustainable consumption and Generation Z entering the labour market with fresh perspectives and new demands. What is your role is this changing world? And how can you keep up with all these changes?

With a ‘same old same old’ mentality you will fall behind and miss the boat on new opportunities. Having a future proof mindset helps you stay ahead of competitors and on track with your own goals.

In a one hour session, trendwatcher and innovation strategist Talisa Ong will talk you through the why, how and what of trends and show you how you can use trend insights in your work.

We will touch upon the following subjects:

  • What is a future proof mindset
  • The basics of trendwatching
  • Innovation inspiration
  • How to apply trends in your daily job

About the trainer

Talisa Ong, founder of strategy agency The Forward Club, is a trendwatcher and innovation strategist. She has a bachelor in Trend Research & Innovation and has researched and implemented innovation for organisations ranging from high schools to big corporates and everything in between. 

  Thu 06 Oct 12:30 - 13:30
  Thu 06 Oct 12:29