Bouldering | Eindhoven | Fri 25 Nov at 19:30

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Bouldering | Eindhoven

Bouldering is rock climbing without the hassle of harnesses and ropes. Short routes and thick mats are used to provide you with exciting climbing problems. You can join whether you are an expert or a first-timer. We go climbing at Monk Bouldergym in Eindhoven. Shoes and entry are included!

To participate, please register, then download the Toplogger app and make a reservation at Monk Eindhoven for the correct time (everybody needs to personally register in this app!). If you cannot or really don't want to use the app, please let Shari know - she can register up to four people extra from her account. Note that at Monk they officially don't allow large groups... So we need to get in, walk around and climb in smaller groups of 3-4 people!

For questions about reserving with Toplogger or about the general Eindhoven bouldering event, contact your organiser Shari Finner :)

  Fri 25 Nov 19:30 - 21:30
  Fri 25 Nov 18:30

 Monk Bouldergym Eindhoven

 8.00 (non-member)