The Productivity Project - Lunch Learners | The Hague | Wed 30 Nov at 12:00

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The Productivity Project - Lunch Learners | The Hague

Want to learn something new? Lunch Learners tell you the main take-aways from famous books during a fun 1h presentation, so here's your chance! 

Come join us in the Hague to see the presentation live and to get free lunch, or join online from the comfort of your living room (the meeting will be hybrid). 



                               This time on the menu: The Productivity Project

All of us want to be more productive, but finding the method that works for you among the hundreds and hundreds of different tips, tricks and hacks can be a daunting prospect. After graduating college, Chris Bailey decided to dedicate a whole year to doing just that - experimenting with as many of the techniques as he could, and finding the things that work. The results were often surprising! This book is the result of Chris's year-long journey, distilling the lessons he learned into a few core truths about how we get things done (or, indeed, don't). In this accessible and fun guide, Chris offers over 30 tried-and-tested best practices that will help everyone to accomplish more - and become more awesome. 

  Wed 30 Nov 12:00 - 13:00
  Wed 30 Nov 12:00

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