UYM - HotTug | Rotterdam | 2nd Edit | Sat 11 Feb at 16:00

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UYM - HotTug | Rotterdam | 2nd Edit

You have been asking for a second edition, and here it is!

Looking for an alternative to the spa or simply a chill activity to help you transition through that TGIF hangover, accompanied by your favourite jTNO colleagues?

Whatever your reasons to join, look no further and join us in Rotterdam in February!

To say it with their own words: "In silence you glide slowly through the landscape, as if the current is carrying you along. Time seems to stand still. You can completely relax while sitting in the pleasant warm water. While enjoying a drink, you can enjoy the surroundings, the soft crackling fire and the amazing jTNO company. You take a refreshing dive from the HotTug. The cold stings your skin. You quickly let your body slide back into the warm water. You imagined what it would be like to sail in a HotTug, but this exceeds all your expectations. Life isn't going to get any better."

If that doesn't make you wanna join yet, know that there will be drinks provided.

"But what if it rains?!"

Even maximizes the experience, they say. With thunder and lightning we will have to cancel the trip.


The only thing you need to bring is a towel, your favourite bathing suit and good humor of course ;)

  Sat 11 Feb 16:00 - 19:00
  Tue 07 Feb 12:00

 Rotterdam, Vessel 11