Indoor Skiing & Snowboarding | Zoetermeer | Fri 24 Feb at 18:00

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Indoor Skiing & Snowboarding | Zoetermeer

Need a warm-up before heading to France, or just can't be bothered to get to the mountains this year?

Snow World in Zoetermeer has you covered!

With both chill slopes and the steepest indoor slope in Europe, there's something for everyone.


Grab your gear and let's go!



This event is for 4 hours on the slopes.

This only includes the ticket, so if you need gear and lessons, you can pay for them at Snow World. :)

We'll also have a round of drinks and some snacks for the gezelligheid.

We're booked for 15 people*. We have those 15 slots either way, so if you cancel at the last minute you'll still have to pay €15.

Also, Snow World requires you to wear gloves. They have them for sale if you forget, but try to bring your own!

*If there's a TON of signups we might expand it!


See you on the slopes! 

  Fri 24 Feb 18:00 - 22:30
  Fri 10 Feb 12:00

 Snow World, Buytenparklaan 30, 2717 AX Zoetermeer

 27.50 (non-member)