Dinner in Utrecht in a traditional Afghan restaurant | Tue 28 Mar at 18:00

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Dinner in Utrecht in a traditional Afghan restaurant

Sarban literally means 'the guide'. Afghanistan has traditionally been a busy transit route between east and west. Peoples from different cultures travel along the trade routes and leave their influence on the land. At the head of the caravan is the Sarban, who guides the camels and their riders safely through Afghanistan to their destination. Team Sarban will also take you under its wing in your introduction to Afghan cuisine and culture. In addition to fantastic flavours, you will also taste the warm, informal atmosphere of this country. We would be happy if you join us to enjoy the culture and the cuisine of this country.

Please contact Milad Golkaram for questions: milad.golkaram@tno.nl 

We will reimburse the costs up to 15 Euros PP. 

  Tue 28 Mar 18:00 - 20:00
  Mon 27 Mar 11:03

 Utrecht, Oudegracht aan de Werf 161

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