Bouldering @ Gropo

Published 3 years ago by Jelle Nauta.

After having pizza for dinner at TNO Groningen HQ (Eemsgolaan 3), we headed for the bouldergym "Gropo" in the northeast of the city.
For some of us bouldering was a new experience, and I was very happy to see and hear how much everyone got into it, climbing up to 5C and thinking together about how to approach tricky routes. Having worn out our arms after two hours or so, we sat down for drinks on the comfy couches in Gropo's café (except for Irina who had to catch her train back to the randstad), talked about Monads and watched the pro's bouldering at the world championships on the big screen above.

This morning our fingerprints couldn't unlock our phones anymore. Worth it!

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