We want you!

Become an Ambassador

Are you our next local ambassador at your location? Are you ready to lure in and welcome new members, to stimulate the organisation of local activities or to organise them yourself? If you think you are up for the task, then don’t hesitate to contact the board! Your responsibilities as an ambassador are to:

  • Make new young emplyees aware that Jong TNO is out there
  • Stimulate the organisation of local activities (perhaps even organise a local activity yourself)
  • Hang up posters of the upcoming Jong TNO events throughout your entire building
  • Advertise the events among your Jong TNO colleagues

Check out the vacancies and current ambassadors here.


Strengthen the Unwind Your Mind Committee

The UYM is also always looking for helping hands. Unwind Your Mind is the platform for everyone who wants to discover ways to alleviate stress and improve their work-life balance. We organize for example mindfulness workshops, storytelling events where experiences in coping with stress are shared, but above all, we are there for you to unwind! If you are interested in organizing a stress-free event or if you would like to join our monthly committee dinners, feel free to contact one of us. 


Strengthen the Activity Committee or Networking Committee

The AC and NC are always looking for helping hands. If you have some ideas on activities and events Jong TNO could organise and you’re willing to help with the realisation of our events, then contact us! The things you can expect to do when you join the AC or NC are:

  • Helping to organise, set up and manage the organisation of activities and events (also see the poster below)
  • Keeping open communication lines with other Jong TNO members to find out which activities they would be interested in
  • Meeting with the AC/ NC to come up with new activities, to discuss the progress of upcoming activities and to evaluate past activities
  • Hosting AC/ NC meetings every now and then, especially if you’re a good cook