The event nobody wants to miss | Thu 15 Aug at 18:00

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The event nobody wants to miss

Please note that this event is not organised by Jong TNO but by ICA: the Inter Company Association of which Jong TNO is a member.
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Coming up; The event no one wants to miss – How to organise it?

In cooperation with RHDHV and Erik Peekel (author of the book ‘Het evenement dat niemand wil missen’) we organise a workshop on how to organise an event no one wants to miss out on.

You will explore:

  • How to create a program for your event
  • The power of inviting people
  • How to get the participants involved
  • The secrets of networking
  • What to do, to make people talk about your event afterwards

So if you are up for a creative, networking and learning experience. Subscribe now! And don’t wait too long, because there is a limited amount of spots available.

Including dinner and snacks.

 Thu 15 Aug
 Sun 11 Aug 00:00

 RHDHV Rotterdam