Medialab Game Night feat. Street Fighter 2 | Thu 13 Feb at 17:00

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Medialab Game Night feat. Street Fighter 2

Hail neckbeards and weeaboos!

We’ve got our hands on a SNES Classic and Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Thanks to our friends at the Medialab, we’re invited to use their big ass screen on the 10th floor of the New Babylon office for some after-work gaming. Join us for a little tournament with drinks and snacks!



So what’s a SNES Classic? It’s a miniature Super Nintendo game console that you can hook up to any TV with an HDMI cable! It also comes with two replica controllers for the full early 1990s gaming experience.

There’s about 100 games on our SNES, but we can’t play them all. We felt that Street Fighter 2 Turbo would be the easiest to enjoy with a larger group of people. Never even touched this game? Doesn’t matter. Some of us have been button bashing since 1993 and still suck at it! We’ll think of some basic rules to keep the geeks among us from playing all night, but other than that it’s free for all.

JongTNO has been really cool in sponsoring this event. We’ll get some drinks and snacks to get us going from 17.00h. After that, maybe we can order in some pizza (not included!) or go for more drinks or dinner outside. Kind of depends on when they kick us out of the building.

At the time of writing we’ve only prepared Street Fighter 2, but our Medialab colleagues have plenty of games of their own. There will be something for everyone!


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