Interest list - Masterclass on (British) English Pronunciation! | Sun 02 Aug at 12:00

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Interest list - Masterclass on (British) English Pronunciation!

Are you a fan of the Queen and wish you sounded a bit more like her (click)?

Or a fan of Queen, particularly Brian May’s smooth tone of voice (click)?


Join friendly native speaker and fellow Jong TNO-er Clym (unit Energy Transition) for an informal workshop on English pronunciation.

Like any good masterclass you can join as a participant or an observer.

If you would like to participate, you can either bring some text to read out loud (perhaps part of that important presentation you are preparing, or gave recently) or just take what you are given on the day.

The idea is to focus mostly on how to say the words, rather than grammar or language choice.  And have fun together with one of the world’s most illogical languages!

This is an interest list - our English native speaker, peer and fellow Jong TNO'er Clym will organise this activity when enough people have expressed interest. A suitable date will be found according to the agenda's of those interested. 

So grab your chance for this very personal and tailored masterclass from an expert!


p.s. would you like to do more with public speaking? Do you want to practice your presentation or speech? Do you want to see more of Clym? ;) We also offer a course on these topics called 'Toastmasters'! Contact Aschwin Brandt ( for more info.


 Sun 02 Aug
 Sat 01 Aug 12:00